Nokia cable finder latest models are added.By using cable finder you can find all nokia compatible cable for flashing mobile phones.We can find compatible phones with one cable, foe example we can use 1110 cable to flash 1200 and 1208 etc is a complete list of added models in cable finder software.

Nokia 1100 RH-18
Nokia 1100 RH-38
Nokia 1100b RH-36
Nokia 1100b RH-36(x)
Nokia 1101 RH-75
Nokia 1108 RH-38
Nokia 1110 RH-70
Nokia 1110b RH-69
Nokia 1110i RH-93
Nokia 1112 RH-93
Nokia 1112b RH-92
Nokia 1112b RH-95
Nokia 1112i RH-94
Nokia 12 GSM Modul RX-2
Nokia 12A GSM Modul RX-9
Nokia 1200 RH-100
Nokia 1200 RM-99
Nokia 1202-2b RH-113
Nokia 1208 RH-105
Nokia 1208b RH-106
Nokia 121 THX-7(AT)
Nokia 1220 NKC-1
Nokia 1220 Phase 2 NKC-1(X)
Nokia 1255 RH-79
Nokia 1260 NKW-1
Nokia 1260 Phase 2 NKW-1(X)
Nokia 1261 NKW-1(C)
Nokia 1265 RH-103
Nokia 12i GSM Modul RX-2
Nokia 1315 RH-96
Nokia 1325 RH-104
Nokia 150 THF-2(P)
Nokia 1508i RM-430
Nokia 1600 RH-64
Nokia 1600b RH-65
Nokia 1610 NHE-5(NX)
Nokia 1611 NHE-5(SX)
Nokia 1620 NHK-5(NX)
Nokia 1620 NHK-5(NY)
Nokia 1630 NHK-5(NA)
Nokia 1630 NHK-5(NX)
Nokia 1631 NHE-5(SA)
Nokia 1650 RM-305
Nokia 1650b RM-306
Nokia 1680c Classic RM-394
Nokia 1680c-2b Classic RM-395
Nokia 20 Terminal TME-2
Nokia 2010 NHE-3(DN)
Nokia 2040 NHK-3
Nokia 2100 NAM-2
Nokia 2110 NHE-1(NX)
Nokia 2110i NHE-4(NX)
Nokia 2112 RH-57
Nokia 2114 NHE-4(NC)
Nokia 2115i RH-66
Nokia 2116i RH-66
Nokia 2118 NHE-4(NY)
Nokia 2118 RH-77
Nokia 2120 NHC-1(X)
Nokia 2120 Plus NHC-4(NX)
Nokia 2125i RH-71
Nokia 2126i RH-71
Nokia 2128i RH-71
Nokia 2140 NHK-1(XA)
Nokia 2148 NHK-1
Nokia 2148i NHE-4
Nokia 2148i NHE-4(AX)
Nokia 2160 NHC-4(NE)
Nokia 2160i NHC-4(HE)
Nokia 2170 NHP-4
Nokia 2180 NHD-4(X)
Nokia 2190 NHB-2(NB)
Nokia 22 Terminal TME-1
Nokia 2220 RH-40
Nokia 2220 RH-42
Nokia 2255 RM-97
Nokia 2260 RH-39
Nokia 2260 RH-41
Nokia 2270 RH-3(P)
Nokia 2272 RH-3(P)
Nokia 2275 RH-3(DNG)
Nokia 2280 RH-17
Nokia 2280 no R-UIM RH-17(NA)
Nokia 2280 with R-UIM RH-17(R)
Nokia 2285 RH-3
Nokia 2300 RM-4
Nokia 2300b RM-5
Nokia 2310 RM-189
Nokia 232 THX-41
Nokia 232NA THX-41(S)
Nokia 2355 RM-121
Nokia 2362 RM-155
Nokia 2365i RM-155
Nokia 2366i RM-155
Nokia 2367i RM-155
Nokia 250 THF-51(P)
Nokia 2505 RH-307
Nokia 252N NHA-3SA
Nokia 2600 RH-59
Nokia 2600a RH-60
Nokia 2600c Classic RM-340
Nokia 2600c-2 Classic RM-340
Nokia 2600c-2b Classic RM-341
Nokia 2610 RH-86
Nokia 2610b RH-87
Nokia 2626 RM-291
Nokia 2630 Americas RM-299
Nokia 2630 Europe/Asia RM-298
Nokia 2650 RH-53
Nokia 2651 RH-54
Nokia 2652 RH-53
Nokia 2660 RM-293
Nokia 2660 Americas RM-293
Nokia 2660 Europe/Asia RM-292
Nokia 2670h RM-391
Nokia 2680s Slide RM-392
Nokia 2680s-2b Slide RM-500
Nokia 2760 Americas RM-259
Nokia 2760 Europe/Asia RM-258
Nokia 2855 RM-124
Nokia 2855i RM-124
Nokia 2865 RM-193
Nokia 2865i RM-193
Nokia 30 Terminal TME-3
Nokia 31 Terminal TME-4
Nokia 3100 RH-19
Nokia 3105 RH-46
Nokia 3108 RH-6
Nokia 3109c Classic RM-274
Nokia 3109cb Classic RM-275
Nokia 3110 NHE-8
Nokia 3110 Plus NHE-8(BX)
Nokia 3110c Classic RM-237
Nokia 3120 RH-19
Nokia 3120b RH-50
Nokia 3120c-1 Classic RM-364
Nokia 3125 RH-61
Nokia 3128 RH-72
Nokia 3129 RH-72
Nokia 3152 RM-61
Nokia 3155 RM-41
Nokia 3155i RM-41
Nokia 32 Terminal DTX-3
Nokia 3200 RH-30
Nokia 3205 RM-11
Nokia 3205i RM-11
Nokia 3210 NSE-8
Nokia 3210a NSE-9
Nokia 3220 RH-37
Nokia 3220b RH-49
Nokia 3230 RM-51
Nokia 3250 RM-38
Nokia 3280 NSD-1(GW)
Nokia 3285 NSD-1A
Nokia 33 Terminal ?
Nokia 3300 NEM-1
Nokia 3300a NEM-2
Nokia 3310 NHM-5(NX)
Nokia 3315 NHM-5(NY)
Nokia 3320 NPC-1
Nokia 3321 NPC-1(BG)
Nokia 3330 NHM-6(NX)
Nokia 3350 NHM-9(NX)
Nokia 3360 NPC-1
Nokia 3361 NPW-1(PA)
Nokia 3390 NPB-1(NB)
Nokia 3390b NPB-1(RB)
Nokia 3391 NPB-1(NB)
Nokia 3395 NPB-1(BB)
Nokia 3410 NHM-2
Nokia 350 THF-6(P)
Nokia 3500c Classic RM-272
Nokia 3500cb Classic RM-273
Nokia 3510 NHM-8(NX)
Nokia 3510i RH-9
Nokia 3520 RH-21
Nokia 3530 RH-8
Nokia 3555 RM-270
Nokia 3555c Classic RM-257
Nokia 3555cb Classic RM-257
Nokia 3560 RH-14
Nokia 3570 NPD-1(FW)
Nokia 3585 NPD-1(AW)
Nokia 3586 RH-44
Nokia 3586i RH-44
Nokia 3587 RH-44
Nokia 3587i RH-44
Nokia 3588i RH-44
Nokia 3589i RH-44
Nokia 3590 RPM-8
Nokia 3595 NPM-10
Nokia 3595 NPM-10(X)
Nokia 3595i NPD-4(AW)
Nokia 3600 NHM-10
Nokia 3600s Slide RM-352
Nokia 3608 RM-385
Nokia 3610 NAM-1
Nokia 3610a Fold RM-429
Nokia 3620 NHM-10(X)
Nokia 3650 NHL-8
Nokia 3660 NHL-8X
Nokia 3810 NHE-9
Nokia 440 THF-8(P)
Nokia 450 THF-9(P)
Nokia 5000d-2 RM-362
Nokia 5000d-2b RM-363
Nokia 505 NHX-8
Nokia 5070 RM-166
Nokia 5070b RM-167
Nokia 5100 NPM-6
Nokia 5100 NPM-6(X)
Nokia 5110 NSE-1(NX)
Nokia 5110i NSE-1(NY)
Nokia 5110i APAC NSE-2(NY)
Nokia 5120 NSC-1
Nokia 5125 NSC-1
Nokia 5130 NSK-1(NX)
Nokia 5140 NPL-5
Nokia 5140b NPL-4
Nokia 5140i RM-104
Nokia 5160 NSW-1
Nokia 5170 NSD-1(F)
Nokia 5170i NSD-1(FW)
Nokia 5180 NSD-1(G)
Nokia 5180i NSD-1(GW)
Nokia 5185 NSD-1(A)
Nokia 5185i NSD-1(AW)
Nokia 5190 NSB-1
Nokia 5200 XpressMusic RM-174
Nokia 5200b RM-181
Nokia 5210 NSM-5
Nokia 5220 XpressMusic RM-411
Nokia 5220b XpressMusic RM-410
Nokia 5300 XpressMusic RM-146
Nokia 5300b XpressMusic RM-147
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic RM-303
Nokia 5310b XpressMusic RM-304
Nokia 5320? XpressMusic RM-416
Nokia 5320d-1 XpressMusic RM-409
Nokia 5320d-1b XpressMusic RM-417
Nokia 540 THF-11(P)
Nokia 550 THF-10(P)
Nokia 5500 RM-87
Nokia 5500d Sport RM-86
Nokia 5510 NPM-5
Nokia 5610d-1 XpressMusic RM-242
Nokia 5610d-5 XpressMusic RM-279
Nokia 5700 XpressMusic RM-230
Nokia 5700b XpressMusic RM-302
Nokia 5710 XpressMusic RM-187
Nokia 5710b XpressMusic RM-351
Nokia 5800d-1 XpressMusic RM-356
Nokia 6010 NPM-10
Nokia 6010 NPM-10(X)
Nokia 6011 RTE-2(RH)
Nokia 6011i RH-58
Nokia 6012 RM-20
Nokia 6015 RH-55
Nokia 6015i RH-55
Nokia 6016i RH-55
Nokia 6019i RH-55
Nokia 6020 RM-30
Nokia 6020b RM-31
Nokia 6021 RM-94
Nokia 6030 RM-229
Nokia 6030 RM-74
Nokia 6030b RM-225
Nokia 6030b RM-75
Nokia 6050 NME-1
Nokia 6060 RH-73
Nokia 6060v RM-97
Nokia 6061 RH-74
Nokia 6066 RM-211
Nokia 6070 RM-166
Nokia 6070b RM-167
Nokia 6080 NME-2(X)
Nokia 6080 RM-166
Nokia 6080b RM-167
Nokia 6081 NME-2(A)
Nokia 6081 NME-2(E)
Nokia 6085 RM-198
Nokia 6085h RM-198(H)
Nokia 6086 RM-260
Nokia 6088 RM-218
Nokia 609 NHX-2(ND)
Nokia 6090 NME-3
Nokia 6091 RTE-3(RU)
Nokia 610 Car Kit TFE-4
Nokia 6100 NPL-2
Nokia 6101 RM-76
Nokia 6101b RM-77
Nokia 6101h RM-77(H)
Nokia 6102 RM-76
Nokia 6102b RM-77
Nokia 6102h RM-77(XH)
Nokia 6102i RM-162(X)
Nokia 6103 RM-161
Nokia 6103b RM-162
Nokia 6108 RH-4
Nokia 6110 NSE-3(NX)
Nokia 6110n-1 Navigator RM-122
Nokia 6110n-5 Navigator RM-186
Nokia 6111 RM-82
Nokia 6112 RM-82
Nokia 6120 NSC-3
Nokia 6120c-1 Classic RM-243
Nokia 6120c-5 Classic RM-310
Nokia 6120i NSC-3
Nokia 6121c Classic RM-308
Nokia 6124 Vodafone RM-422
Nokia 6125 RM-178
Nokia 6126 RM-126
Nokia 6126h RM-126(H)
Nokia 6130 NSK-3(NY)
Nokia 6131 RM-115
Nokia 6131 NFC RM-216V
Nokia 6133 RM-115
Nokia 6133 RM-173
Nokia 6133b RM-126
Nokia 6133h RM-126(H)
Nokia 6135 RM-98
Nokia 6136 RM-106
Nokia 6136b RM-199
Nokia 6138 NSK-3
Nokia 6150 NSM-1(NY)
Nokia 6151 RM-200
Nokia 6152 RM-96
Nokia 6155 RM-59
Nokia 6155i RM-59
Nokia 6156i RM-59
Nokia 616 Car Kit RV-1
Nokia 6160 NSW-1(NY)
Nokia 6161 NSW-3(ND)
Nokia 6162 NSW-3(AF)
Nokia 6165 RM-125
Nokia 6165i RM-125
Nokia 6170 RM-47
Nokia 6170b RM-48
Nokia 6180 NSD-3(GW)
Nokia 6185 NSD-3
Nokia 6185i NSD-3(AW)
Nokia 6188 NSD-3(AX)
Nokia 6190 NSB-3
Nokia 6200 NPL-3
Nokia 6210 NPE-3
Nokia 6210s Navigator RM-386
Nokia 6210s-1 Navigator RM-367
Nokia 6210s-1b Navigator RM-419
Nokia 6210s-1c Navigator RM-408
Nokia 6212c Classic RM-396
Nokia 6215i RM-214
Nokia 6220 RH-20
Nokia 6220c Classic RM-387
Nokia 6220c-1 Classic RM-328
Nokia 6225 RH-27
Nokia 6225i RH-27
Nokia 6230 RH-12
Nokia 6230b RH-28
Nokia 6230i RM-72
Nokia 6233 RM-145
Nokia 6233b RM-123
Nokia 6234 RM-123
Nokia 6235 RM-60
Nokia 6235i RM-60
Nokia 6236i RM-60
Nokia 6250 NHM-3
Nokia 6255 RM-19
Nokia 6255i RM-19
Nokia 6256 RM-19
Nokia 6256i RM-19
Nokia 6260 RM-25
Nokia 6260b RM-29
Nokia 6263 RM-207
Nokia 6265 RM-66
Nokia 6265i RM-66
Nokia 6267 RM-210
Nokia 6268 RM-66
Nokia 6270 RM-56
Nokia 6275 RM-154
Nokia 6280 RM-78
Nokia 6282 RM-79
Nokia 6288 RM-268
Nokia 6288 RM-78
Nokia 6290 RM-176
Nokia 6300 RM-217
Nokia 6300b RM-222
Nokia 6300i RM-337
Nokia 6301 RM-322
Nokia 6301b RM-323
Nokia 6310 NPE-4
Nokia 6310i NPL-1
Nokia 6315i RM-215
Nokia 6340 NPM-2
Nokia 6340i RH-13
Nokia 6360 NPW-2
Nokia 6370 NPH-2(FX)
Nokia 6385 NPH-2(AX)
Nokia 640 THF-13
Nokia 650 THF-12
Nokia 6500 NHM-7
Nokia 6500c Classic RM-265
Nokia 6500c-5 Classic RM-397
Nokia 6500s Slide RM-240
Nokia 6500s-5 Slide RM-278
Nokia 6510 NPM-5/9
Nokia 6555 RM-271
Nokia 6555c Classic RM-276
Nokia 6556c Classic RM-276
Nokia 6560 RH-25
Nokia 6585 RH-34
Nokia 6590 NSM-9
Nokia 6590i NSM-9
Nokia 6600 NHL-10
Nokia 6600f-1 Fold RM-325
Nokia 6600s-1c Slide RM-414
Nokia 6610 NHL-4(U)
Nokia 6610i RM-37
Nokia 6620 NHL-12
Nokia 6630 RM-1
Nokia 6631 (NM850iG) RM-109
Nokia 6638 RM-18
Nokia 6650 NHM-1
Nokia 6650H T-Mobile RM-324
Nokia 6651 NMM-1
Nokia 6670 RH-67
Nokia 6670b RH-68
Nokia 6680 RM-36
Nokia 6681 RM-57
Nokia 6682 RM-58
Nokia 6708 RM-139
Nokia 6800 NHL-6
Nokia 6800a NSB-9
Nokia 6810 NHL-2
Nokia 6820 NHL-9
Nokia 6820b RH-26
Nokia 6820i RH-26
Nokia 6822a RM-69
Nokia 6822b RM-68
Nokia 7088 RM-219
Nokia 7110 NSE-5(NX)
Nokia 7160 NSW-5
Nokia 7190 NSB-5
Nokia 720 HSN-5(KP)
Nokia 720 TMF-4(SP)
Nokia 7200 RH-23
Nokia 7210 NHL-4
Nokia 7210c Supernova RM-436
Nokia 7250 NHL-4J
Nokia 7250i NHL-4JX
Nokia 7260 RM-17
Nokia 7270 RM-8
Nokia 7270b RM-9
Nokia 7280 RM-14
Nokia 7280b RM-34
Nokia 7310c Supernova RM-379
Nokia 7310cb Supernova RM-378
Nokia 7360 RM-127
Nokia 7370 RM-70
Nokia 7373 RM-209
Nokia 7380 RM-111
Nokia 7390 RM-140
Nokia 7500 Prism RM-249
Nokia 7500b Prism RM-250
Nokia 7510 Supernova RM-399
Nokia 7510a Supernova RM-398
Nokia 7600 NMM-3
Nokia 7610 RM-51
Nokia 7610b RH-52
Nokia 7610s Supernova RM-354
Nokia 7610sb Supernova RM-355
Nokia 7620 ?
Nokia 7650 NHL-2(NA)
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet SU-18
Nokia 7700 RAL-2
Nokia 7710 RM-12
Nokia 7900d-1 Prism RM-264
Nokia 810 Car Kit TFE-4(R)
Nokia 8110 NHE-6(BX)
Nokia 8110i NHE-6(BM)
Nokia 8146 NHK-6(NX)
Nokia 8148 NHK-6
Nokia 8148 (nk502) NHK-6
Nokia 8148i NHK-6(V)
Nokia 8208 RM-???
Nokia 8210 NSM-3
Nokia 8250 NSM-3D
Nokia 8260 NSW-4
Nokia 8260 NSW-4(DX)
Nokia 8265 NPW-3
Nokia 8265i NPW-3(W)
Nokia 8270 NSD-5(FX)
Nokia 8280 RH-10
Nokia 8280i RH-10
Nokia 8290 NSB-7
Nokia 8310 NHM-7
Nokia 8390 NSB-8
Nokia 8587 ?
Nokia 8600d Luna RM-164
Nokia 8800 RM-13
Nokia 8800d Sirocco Edition RM-165
Nokia 8800e-1 Arte RM-233
Nokia 8801 RM-33
Nokia 8810 NSE-6(NX)
Nokia 8850 NSM-2(NX)
Nokia 8855 NSM-4
Nokia 8860 NSW-6
Nokia 8877 ?
Nokia 8890 NSB-6(NY)
Nokia 8910 NHM-4
Nokia 8910i NHM-4(NX)
Nokia 9000 RAE-1(N)
Nokia 9000il RAB-4(NX)
Nokia 9000i RAE-4
Nokia 909 NHX-2(ND)
Nokia 9110 RAE-2
Nokia 9110i RAE-2i
Nokia 918 NHA-5(NA)
Nokia 918P NHA-5(NA)
Nokia 9210 Communicator RAE-3(N)
Nokia 9210c Communicator RAE-3(N)
Nokia 9210i Communicator RAE-5(N)
Nokia 9290 Communicator RAB-3(N)
Nokia 9300 RAE-6
Nokia 9300b RA-4
Nokia 9300i RA-8
Nokia 9500 Communicator RA-2
Nokia 9500b Communicator RA-3
Nokia C110 WLAN Card DTN-10
Nokia C111 WLAN Card DTN-11
Nokia CardPhone 1.0 RPE-1
Nokia CardPhone 2.0 PM-1
Nokia Cityman CD60HP
Nokia D211 DTE-1
Nokia Digital Pen SU-1(B)
Nokia E50-1 RM-170
Nokia E50-2 RM-171
Nokia E51-1 RM-244
Nokia E51-2 RM-426
Nokia E60-1 RM-49
Nokia E61-1 RM-89
Nokia E61i-1 RM-227
Nokia E61i-2 RM-294
Nokia E62-1 RM-88
Nokia E62-1 RM-88A
Nokia E65-1 RM-208
Nokia E66-1 RM-343
Nokia E66-2 RM-345
Nokia E66-3 RM-420
Nokia E70-1 RM-10
Nokia E70-2 RM-24
Nokia E71-1 RM-346
Nokia E71-2 RM-357
Nokia E71-3 RM-407
Nokia E71-5 RM-462
Nokia E90-1 Communicator RA-6
Nokia E90-? Communicator RA-7
Nokia Image Frame SU-4
Nokia Image Frame SU-7
Nokia Image Viewer SU-2
Nokia Image Viewer SU-5
Nokia Kaleidoscop 1 RX-11
Nokia Medaillon 2 RX-4
Nokia Medallion 1 RX-3
Nokia Music Player HDR-1
Nokia N-Gage NEM-4
Nokia N-Gage QD RH-29
Nokia N-Gage QD RH-47
Nokia N70-1 RM-84
Nokia N70-5 RM-99
Nokia N71-1 RM-67
Nokia N71-5 RM-112
Nokia N72-5 RM-180
Nokia N73-1 RM-133
Nokia N73-5 RM-132
Nokia N75-3 RM-128
Nokia N76-1 RM-135
Nokia N76-5 RM-149
Nokia N77-1 RM-194
Nokia N77-2 RM-195
Nokia N78-1 RM-235
Nokia N78-3 RM-342
Nokia N78-5 RM-236
Nokia N79-1 RM-348
Nokia N79-3 RM-349
Nokia N79-5 RM-350
Nokia N80-1 RM-92
Nokia N80-3 RM-91
Nokia N800 RX-34
Nokia N81-1 8GB RM-179
Nokia N81-3 RM-223
Nokia N81-5 RM-256
Nokia N81-6 RM-269
Nokia N810 RX-44
Nokia N810 WiMAX ?
Nokia N82-1 RM-313
Nokia N82-5 RM-314
Nokia N85-1 RM-333
Nokia N85-3 RM-334
Nokia N85-5 RM-335
Nokia N90-1 RM-42
Nokia N91-1 RM-43
Nokia N91-2 RM-43
Nokia N91-5 RM-158
Nokia N91-6 RM-158
Nokia N92-1 RM-100
Nokia N92-2 RM-101
Nokia N93-1 RM-55
Nokia N93-5 RM-153
Nokia N93i-1 RM-156
Nokia N93i-5 RM-157
Nokia N95-1 RM-159
Nokia N95-2 8GB RM-320
Nokia N95-3 NAM RM-160
Nokia N95-4 8GB NAM RM-421
Nokia N95-5 RM-245
Nokia N95-6 RM-321
Nokia N96-1 RM-247
Nokia N96-3 RM-472
Nokia N96-5 RM-297
Nokia nk502 NHK-6(RY)


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