Problem:Samsung C3303 mobile some time shows automatic charging indication on screen every time. Due to this we can’t charge mobile and battery just drains after few hours. This problem mainly occurs due to shorting in charging filter.
For quick solution of this problem we have to use following solution:-
1.       In some cases due to batteries internally circuitry problem creates this situation that mobile shows auto charging so first we should change battery and check result.
2.       During charging process current flows from charging pin to charging connector and from connector it went to charging filter and finally from  these charging filter current goes to charging IC and mobile get properly charging but in some cases because of improper frequency of voltage and current these charging filter got internally shorting and due to shorting mobile shows auto charging so for solve this problem we have to remove all three charging filter one by one . 
3.       So first remove one charging filter from heat gun carefully. These filters are shown in image below in red mark and after it if problem not solve then remove all remaining both filter.

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