SonyEricsson Hardware Tools

This Great application contains almost all SonyEricsson hardware solutions, with easy to understand and clear screen shots.
Note: See list for given solutions in this application.


This is very easy to use application, just install and run the application, and select your mobile solution from list and open.

you can also add your own solution screen shot image in this software, which should be in JPG, PNG, GIF or any other image format.

List of Given Solution in Software:

K300 Charging Problem
K300 K500 K700 Key+Joy
K300 Keypad Joy
K300 Scheme SIM
K300i Joystick
K300i Light Problem
K300i Mic
K300i Optimized Charging
K300i Optimized Charging
K300i K700i Mic Solution100%
K300i K700i Mic Solution100%
K300i Light
K300i Mic
K310 Backlight
K310 Charge
K310 Charge-2
K310 Handsfree
K310 Joy
K310 Joystick
K310 K510 Optimize Chargiing Solution
K310- K510 Joystck Tested
K310 Keypad Solution
K310 LCD Led
K310 Light
K310 Micro-1
K310 Micro-2
K310 SIM
K310 Sound
K310,K510 Optimize Charging Solution
K310 510 Sound IC
K310 Joystick Solution
K310 Mic Dr.M
K310i LCD Light Problem
K310LCD * Keypad Led
K320 Charge-1
K320 Charge-2
K320 Hands free
K320 Joystick
K320 LCD Led
K320 Micro-1
K320 Micro-2
K320 SIM
K320 Sound
K500-508 Auto Hands free
K500 Antenna Switch Shorting Solution
K500 Auto Hands Free
K500 Display Light Solution
K500 Insert SIM
K500 Insert SIM Solution
K500 K300 K700 Hands free Problems
K500 K700 Network Problem 1800 Or 900
K500 Keypad Ic Bypas
K500 Keypad Ic Bypass
K500 Keypad Solution
K500 Keypad Way
K500 LCD Led Ways
K500 LCD Led Ways-2
K500 LCD-Led
K500 Mic
K500 Mic -1
K500 Mic -2
K500 Mic Modified
K500 Mic Problem
K500 Mic Solution
K500 No SIM
K500 SIM Way
K500 SIM Way
K500 Sony Ericsson
K500 508 Keypad Ic Jumper
K500 Ant Swich
K500 LCD Led
K500 Microphone
K500 Microphone Comp Layout
K500 NoSIM
K500i Joystick
K500i Joystick Solution
K500i Keypad Solution
K500i Mic
K500i Soul Mic
K500i Keypad Solution
K500-K508 K-Pad Ic Bypass
K500-K700 Notcharging-2
K500mic Modified
K510 +Ve Way
K510 Charge-1
K510 Charge-2
K510 Handsfree
K510 Joystick
K510 Joystick Way
K510 LCD Led
K510 Light
K510 Micro-1
K510 Micro-2
K510 SIM
K510 Sound
K550 Charge
K550 Mic
K550 SIM
K550 Charge Ways
K550 Mic jumper
K600 Key * Joystick
K600 On-Off
K600 Ring
K610 Handfree Mode
K610 K618 Micro-1
K610 K618 Micro-2
K610 K618 SIMways
K610 Mic Jumpe
K610 Mic Ways
K610 SIM
K610i V630i SIM Ways
K700 Joystick Full
K700 Joystick Full Solution
K700 Light
K700 Alien Battery
K700 Auto On Of Solution
K700 Freeze
K700 Hung
K700 Mic
K700 Mic Solution
K700 Microphone
K700 Joystick Solutions 190
K700i Joystick
K700i Repair Light Display
K700 mic
K700 SIM
K310 joy
K600 keypad Joystick
K750 mmc
K310-510 joy stick ways
K550 keys, Key Pad Solution
Keyleg * LCDleg
LCD Light
LCD Light 2
Led Problem
Light Key
Memory Problem 1
Memory Problem 2
Mic 2
Mic Solution Micro Mmc
N2980 Comp Placing
No Back Light
No Display When SIM Inserted
No Mic
Not See Memory Card
On – Off And Illuminations
P800 Charging
P800 Charging-2
P800 No Charging
P800 LCD Connector
P800 LCD Dc Converter
P800 N560 LCD Dc Driver Layout
P800nocharging 228
P990 Charge
P990 Mic Ways
P990 Micro
P990 SIM ways
P990 Ring Ear
Problem Light
Problem With Memory Sticks
R600 No Charging
R600 Line+
S500 W580 Audio
S700 Charging Solution
S700 Insert SIM
S700charging Solution
S700insert SIM
Screen Off
SIM Ways
T2x,T3xx,T6x Handefree
T10s LCD Ways
T10x Antenna Switch
T10x Display
T10x Antena Switch Solution
T28 Fallo-Cargo
T28 Pa Replace
T28 Resistance
T28 Solution
T65 -1
T65 Charging Repair
T65 SIM Ways
T65 1
T68 Buzzer
T68 Buzzer Ways
T68 Earphone
T68 Light
T68 Lights-2
T68 Buzzer
T68 Earphone
T68 Joystick Connections 272
T68 Lights
T68 Lights 2
T100 Fuse
T100 Not Charging
T100 Ringer
T100 Signal
T100 Solution Low Signal
T100 Not Charging
T200 Audio Repair
T200 LCD
T230 Buzzer Ways
T230 Charge
T230 Handsfree
T230 Jumpering Glass Ic
T230 Key 7,8,9,Up Not Working
T230 Key Malfunctioning
T230 Mic Details
T230 Mic Solution
T230 Notworking
T230 Ringer Ways
T230 Charg
T230 Charge
T230 Charging
T230 Key
T230 LCD Connector
T230 LCD Connector Layout
T230 Mic
T230 Mic Detail
T230 Mic Repair
T230 Msinterf
T230 Speaker
T230 T290 SIM Ways
T230 T290 Keypad Solution
T230 T300 SIM Interface
T300 SIM Interface Comp
T300 SIM Interface Layout
T310 Audio
T310 Keypad
T310 Joystick
T610-630 Buzzer Ways
T610 Mic Solution
T610 Camera
T610 Camera Ways
T610 Joystick
T610 LCD 1
T610 LCD 2
T610 Mic Solution
T610 Mic Solution-2
T610 Mic Solution-3
T610 Mic Ways
T610 Not Charging
T610 SIM Ways
T610 T630 Joystick
T610 T630 Joystick Ways
T610-T630 Joystick
V800 Net Problem
W200 K310 K510 Insert SIM
W300 Charge
W300 Keypad
W300 Keypad-2
W300 LCDlight
W300 SIM
W300 Displaysin Luz
W300 Displaysinluz
W300 Mic
W300 SIM Ways
W300i Charging Solution
W300i Keypad Led Way
W300i Power On Off
W300i Vibrator Solution
W550 Charge
W550 Charge-2
W550 Keypad
W550 Light
W550 Speaker
W550 Tp
W580 Display Lights Shema
W600 Charge
W600 Charge-2
W600 Keypad
W600 Light
W600 Speaker
W600 Display W800 Bluetooth Problem
W800 Camera
W800 Charge-1
W800 Charge-2
W800 Contrast
W800 Hang
W800 Joystick
W800 Keypad
W800 Keypad-2
W800 LCDlight
W800 Led
W800 Micro
W800(W800i Or K750i) Backlight Repair
W800-k750-Camera Jumper
W810 – W810i Key IC Jumper
W810 Backlight Repair
W810 Backlight Solution
W810 Camera
W810 Charge-1
W810 Charge-2
W810 Contrast
W810 Hang
W810 Joystick
W810 Keypad
W810 Keypad-2
W810 LCDlight
W810 Led
W810 Micro
W810 Backlight Repair
W810i During Camera Operation Exit To Menu Solution
W810i Key
W810 light
W810 mic
W81020-no LCD light
Z200 LCD Light
Z200 Mic
Z200 Mic 2
Z200 No Back Light
Z200 No Display Solution
Z200 No Display When SIM Inserted
Z200 No Mic
Z200 Problem Light
Z200 Screen Off
Z200 Varistors
Z200 charge
Z200 LCD Light
Z200 mic
Z200 mic 2
Z200 no Back Light
Z200no Display When SIM Inserted
Z200 no Mic
Z200 nodisplaysolution
Z200 problem Light
Z200 screen Off
Z200 varistors
Z300 SIM
Z300 SIM
Z310 Handsfree
Z310 SIMways
Z520 Charge
Z520 Charging
Z520 Network
Z530 Micro
Z530 SIM
Z800 Light Location
Z800 SIM Ic
A26x8 SIM Ways
A1018 Audio
Charge 1
Charge 2
Charge Ic Jumper
Charge Ic Jumper 2
Charging Problem
Charging Scheme
Display Illumination
Ericsson T100 Solution Signal 2 1 214
Flash Problem 1
Flash Problem 2
Hang With Mmc
J100 Charge
J100 Earpiece
J100 SIM
J100 Speaker
J100 Speaker-2
J100 Earpiece
J100i Ringer Buzzer Soloution
J100 Speaker Ways
J200 Mic Solution
J200,J210,J220 Audio
J200,J210,J220 Buzzer
J200,J210,J220 Earpiece
J200,J210,J220 Joystick
J200,J210,J220 Joystick-2
J200,J210,J220 Keypad
J200,J210,J220 SIM
J200 J210 Joystick Ways
J200 J210 Joystick Ways New Edition-1
J200 No Ear Piece Sound 142
J200i Dead
J200i Joy Stick
J200i Mic Soluition
J200i Mic Soluition1 718
J200i Riger
J200-J210i No LCD Solution
J210 LCD Repair
J210i Joystic And Keypad
J220 J230-Keypad-Ways
J230i Charge
J300 Charge
J300 Handsfree
J300 Joystick
J300i Insert SIM Solution
J300i Joystick
J300i Mic Solution
Joy Stick Solution
K300-500-700 Hadfreee
K300 Antenna Switch Shorting Solution
K300 Charging Problem
K300 Charging Solution
K300 Hand Free Mode
K300 Joystick
K300 Joystick * Keypad
K300 Joystick Ways
K300 Keypad
K300 Keypad Solution
K300 Mic Solution
K300 SIM
K300 key

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