All Camera DCC file Compatible for ALL BOX & SW

DCC file is Camera Configuration setting file.

When open camera function* the phone screen show blank or black color* after that

The DCC file that attach here is converted from Original DCC file to .pm format.
So all SW or BOX from the market that have Write PM function is supported. Just load
display an error of ‘Operation failed’ & ‘Camera on standby’.

type : x3* E71* E66* 7900* 7510* 7310* 7230* 7210c* 7100s* 6700* 6500c* 6303i* 6260s* 5310* 5220* 5130* n500* 3710f* 2760* 2730c* 2720f* 2700c* 2690* 2680s* 2630* 2600* 2330c* 2220s* 1680


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