Go to the registry, HKCUSystemStatePHONE, and wrote down the first 6 

digits of the value of the IMSI entry.”if u don’t have a registryedit just 

download the attach and install it in ur phone “

1. type *7465625*638*# 

2. type the first 6 digits of the value of the IMSI entry here.enter valid 

MCC/MNC http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Network_Code ” 

i’ve use for example for sfr france 208103 normally it’s 20810 but u have to 

add a number from 0 to 9 if 5 digit give u Fail to setup lock

3. type your new NCK (12345678), then OK

4. type *#7465625# to check your lock (Network lock still enabled)

5. type #7465625*638*# and type your NCK (12345678)

6. becarefull of heart attack ur phone is unlocked , sure with ust pro2 is so easy to unlock but some time unlocking with code is funny


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