We know Android OS operating system is powered by the biggest, famous online data searching  giant GOOGLE. So obviously they include this feature although many of us doesn’t know. However, I’m now sharing you this two method for using your Android Phone as Modem.

How to Use Android Phone as Modem

Method 1 (WiFi). Follow the instructions bellow….
  • First of all go to your Android phone Settings
  • Click on Tethering & Portable Hotspot and then click Wifi Hotspot.
  • You are simply done. Now your Android phone will work as wifi modem for connecting internet to your computer or Laptop.
Method 2 (USB). Follow the instructions bellow….
  • Like the first method go to your Phone Settings
  • Click on Tethering & portable hotspot and then click USB tethering
  • Compete!!! Now simply use your phone as USB modem. 
Note: Settings might be little bit changed for different Android versions. Some of Android phone doesn’t contain the Wifi hotspot settings.

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