The biggest advantage of having an android phone is that there
are millions of apps available, from which you can install multiple to suit
your needs and make your life easier. There are some common android apps that
you all must be aware of i.e. skype, whatsapp and then comes a list of games.
But other than these apps, your android phone remains underutilized.

And even if you do want to enhance your android experience, having
too many options can result in confusion and you can end up with android apps
that you don’t really need. And there are also a large number of apps available
which require root access that can void your smart phone’s warranty. So
following are the top 5 android apps which do not require the root access of
your phone and are free to use.

Prey by Fork Ltd:

Must have android application number 1


If you’ve bought an android phone
and haven’t got any anti theft protection installed, you are leaving yourself
prone to a disaster. Prey is an anti theft android app which is free to use and
offer features like no other free app on google playstore. When you install it
on your android phone, it creates your account and gives you the control of
your dashboard which you can access even from your desktop computer.
So when your device gets lost, you can change the status of
your device to ‘lost’ and wait for the thief to turn on the phone. It starts
taking pictures from the front camera without notifying when in ‘lost’ mode and
sends you the last GPS coordinates as well. You can even remove the device data
and remotely lock your phone from the dashboard.

ADM by MobilDev:

One of the Best Free Android Apps


ADM or Android Download Manager allows you to download
videos and other files from your browser. It can even detect the files and
create download links for you or you can add the files manually. The ability of
parallel downloading, pause, resume and re download are the most useful
features of this free to use android application.



Cam Card by Int Sig Information:

Most Useful Must have Android App


This is one of those apps which you can use to woo your
colleagues in case they haven’t heard of it already. Cam Card allows you to
save data of your new contacts on your phone by taking pictures of their
business cards. After you take picture of a business card, it extracts the
information i.e. name, designation, contact number and company etc and save in
your phone contacts after digitizing the information, all by itself. But make
sure that you have an android phone that can take good quality pictures of
nearby objects. 

Shuttle Music Player by SimpleCity:

A good addition to your android apps


Even though Android has a default music player but I always
found it difficult to navigate and sort out different folders, albums and
singers etc. Shuttle is a light android application that has a smooth, easy to
organize and beautiful UI. It automatically sorts out files into different
albums and genres and allows you to make different albums as well. It also
gives you playback controls on your earpiece.

English Dictionary Offline by Livio:

Great Offline Android App


This English dictionary is free to use offline dictionary
that has more than 167,000 words and 113,000 inflected forms. You can search
from the search bar that suggest words on run time and allows you to add
bookmarks. It also saves your search history that can be helpful.  

Author Bio: Umar Shehzad is an
Electronics Engineer from NUST who is an avid smart phone user and has special
love for writing technical reviews of smart phones, gadgets and apps.
Follow Umar on Twitter @umar_the1

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