Android is open source software and free to use, most of applications are also free or less costly. Here i have collect some applications to use any android mobile as webcam if you have not webcam for pc. We can convert cellphone to webcam just installing simple application on mobile via google playstore.Here is a list of android webcam applications.

1.USB Webcam

For Setting up your Android Mobile As Webcam in PC follow the instructions bellow…
  • First of all you need to install your Phone driver on your computer for connecting your mobile with PC.
  • Download USB Webcam app and then install it on your Android hand set.
  • Now download USB Webcam desktop Clint and then install.
  • Connect your Phone and computer PC with USB cable.
  • Open the Desktop clint.
  • Now just start USB webcam app on your Android phone
  • You are done!! you have successfully made your Android mobile phone as webcam in PC.

2.Smart WebCam

Another advantage of installing the Direct Show Filter your smartphone can be used as a webcam for video chat .
(PC in the browser ‘DirectShow Filter for JPEG, MJPEG’ Search if you can find a variety of results )
1. Audio and video streaming
2. SmartWebCam Server search
3. C2DM push service based
4. UPnP router forwarding the auto setup feature
5. D. Motion tekting function
6. Recording
7. Front / Rear camera switching
8. Remote control (flash control, zoom in / zoom out , focusing) function
9. Voice transmission function remote server
10. Available separately PC client for Windows

3.Super Web Cam
It is wireless and direct cable webcam application that will turn your smart phone into webcam.

1. Easy operation;
2. Money saving. This is a free app for you, so you do not need to spend lots of money on your home monitoring or surveillance.
3. Offers you multiple monitoring viewing options.
4. High quality and streaming monitoring video.
5. Stable image data transmission.
Suitable for:
1. All mothers, you can just use it to monitor your baby while he or she is sleeping in the bedroom. In this way, you will be able to do some other things at home when he or she is sleeping.
2. All people who want to monitor their home. With this app in hand, you can check and realtime monitor your home wherever you are.

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