Hard reset Lenovo A600e mobile via hard reset method to unlock screen pattern lock and other codes. All data will be lost and mobile reset to default settings. We can also reset mobile screen pattern lock via google account if we set google account before pattern lock. This is last and final solution to reset mobile. The benefit of this procedure is mobile gets its orignal speed and all unsupported applications removed.
Note: This will destroy all dta on mobile memory so backup all data before do that.

Lenovo A600E hard reset

1.Turn Off Your Phone
2.Push Together Volume Up + Power Key
3.Wait 10-15 Seconds Till Show Reset Menu
4.Choose “wipe Data/factory Reset” With Volume Keys And Push Power To Confirm
5.Choose “yes” With Volume Keys And Push Power To Confirm
6.Wait Until Format Ends
7.Select “reboot” And Push Power Key To Confirm

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