These days mobiles are play very important role in every one’s life. Students can convert Android mobile into scientific calculator, Time table managers, Dictionaries, and more. These apps for Engineering and Medical students and free to use. Lets take a look at these android apps.

This app is designed by student for fellow students to make study easy and organised. App provide all features To calculate your present and required attendance, enter the lectures bunked and attended.

Students calculator 

This calculator have big collection of functions. This calculator app for all students to calculate basic calculation. This app can be install and run any android device easily.
Math helper is free app to solve mathematical problems. Easy to enter problem and get answer, details, and theory reference. Math Helper Free is an universal assistant app for step-by-step solving mathematical problems for Algebra 1-2, Calculus (integral, Derivative, antiderivatives, vector, matrices (matrix), limits, equation, shapes, number etc) for school, secondary, college and university students and everyone who learn.
This app provide information about medical science, and students of medical science can access all medical knowledge and terminology. Dictionary includes definitions, meanings, references for more research.

This is reference app for physics practicales. There are some featuresof the app basic dictionary, and introduction to the subject, detailed info about all the particles in separate pages, cheat sheets, diagrams etc of the model to facilitate learning.
Other apps will be updated soon

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