Spy apps are most common these days to send secret messages and track some one location. These apps are used to legal purpose only. If we want to record some one,s activities secretly on your android phones.

These apps are free to install and use. Here is some apps collection which i have tested on my android phone.

Cell Tracker

Cell tracker is free app to track location without GPS. Use this app to track your current location and your visited locations you have visited in the last few days. This app collect information using wifi or GPRS every 0.5 hours. You can check all info about this app on google play store.
This app is provide caller id, caller location information and mobile number service provider. This app can block spam numbers. It take very low space to install and run. App works great across all countries like NDIA, UK,INDONESIA, USA,SAUDI ARABIA, BRAZIL, IRAQ and more.

This app is best tracker to your stolen or lost mobile. If you have install this app on your android mobile and your mobile lost you can trace your mobile location by sending an sms on your android phone. You have received all info on your email address which you enter at the time of app installation.

This is professional spy camera and camcorder app to shot photos and recording video secretly. App icon on your mobile shows like note pad and no one guess that is camera option. This app is free to use and no ads are shows when app is running.

Sneaky app allow to take photos secretly without knowing others what you are doing. It shows your choice screen instead showing camera preview. When screen touched a message appear that picture have been taken.

Everyone at one time will want to capture image without anyone notice it, this application will give you an easy, fast and smart way doing it.
Spy Camera OS is the best application in the market to do that.

This app allows you to choose a joke Secret Agent fake phone call to be played on your phones loud speaker at a given time. Perhaps a meeting, a wedding, when you’ve lent you phone to a friend or during major surgery.

-Surprise your friends when they hear a spymaster calling to tell your covers broken.

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