If you like to find out “what your IQ”, “Brain trainer”, “Genius test detector” you can use these iPhone puzzle gmaes. Puzzle games player can test Their IQ with 7 iPhone apps. iPhone puzzle game lovers can find these apps on App store free. Here i collect 7 best apps from app store and i test these app on iphone 4s. We have create our own IQ test like the ones you used to find at fairground.

Top iPhone Puzzle Games That Test Your IQ

1. Doodle Fit By Gamelion Studios

Doodle fit is most famous puzzle game on App Store and every on can play this game. Now this app is available for iPhone 5 and new iPad. This gmae provide many unique levels and you can replay these levels any time and many times. Look Nice doodle graphics and doodle style.

2. Genius Detector Test

By Brie I. Alexandru-Horia “Informatica” Persoana Fizica Autorizata

To test your IQ take extremely  challenging free quiz. Genius detector is one of the puzzled and difficult game on App Store. Take the quiz and make score, replay to boost up score and share on Facebook to impress your friends. 

3. IQ Test Free by Pop-Hub

This IQ test provide high accurate test result prepared by experts. After finishing test you will receive global rank and you can share your score and rank with your friends via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, instagram. 

4. The IQ Test  (By Webrich Software Limited)

Improve and test your Iq with The IQ Test App. This is free addition and available on App Store and this is top ranked app. Provide simple interface to find out related answers. Chose number of questions you want to answer.

 5. Slice It by Com2uS USA, Inc.

Slice it is slices games that are equal in size. 


200 STAGES… and growing! 
Each level is a new shape, and each stage has increasingly difficult levels. 
In the most advanced stages, new obstacles, like line-refracting mirrors, make Slice It! the hardest puzzler out there. 
Get a perfect score on any level and earn a Hint! to unlock some helpful tips about any level. 
If you just can’t cut it with an obstacle, all is not lost: use a Hint! 

6. Cut the Rope By Chillingo Ltd

This is Apple award winning game and 500 million downloads all over the world. Phenomenal game with 400 above levels. Little monster that demand candy and collect stars.
Examine your Intelligence Quotient using our exam written specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch interface. Compare your score with co-workers, and get the respect you deserve. Or, memorize all of the possible questions in the database to impress your friends with your outrageously high IQ Score (and cheating abilities) While this test is for entertainment purposes, it is based on standardized IQ testing methods. Are you genius material?

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