How To Reset MyPhone A848i Via Key Combination

Hard reset is trick to reset mobile settings to default easily. Some time we face problem like slow speed of mobile operating system, Applications not works properly, non compatible apps creates problem. We can resolve these issues simply with this hard reset trick. This trick is for Myphone A848i duo to remove all codes and reset to default settings. Follow the procedure step by step.
Remember:- Take backup of important data before hard rest this will erase all data on your mobile memory card data will be safe.

1.Ensure the device is turned off.
2.Press and hold volume up+ Volume down + power button together
3.Press volume up to select recovery mode and press left soft key to enter selectin
4.Select wipe data/factory reset press left soft menu key to enter
5.Select “yes” and press left soft menu key
6.Select “reboot” and press left soft menu key
7.Wait until the phone restarts

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