Remove pattern screen lock on alcatel DTC Gt5 without box or any other device with in five minutes. Pattern lock creates problem when we enter wrong screen pattern many times. It ask for Google account to Unlock pattern lock. If we forgot Google account then we unlock pattern lock via key combination method. By using this trick we also solve other issues on mobile like hanging, freezing, slow speed of operating system. Here is step by step method to unlock pattern lock.


All data on mobile memory and installed apps will be removed, So take backup of all important data on hard drive before unlock pattern lock.

Alcatel dtc gt5 Astroid Plus hard reset

How To Hard Reset Alcatel DTC GT5 Astroid Plus Via Key Combination

  1. First Turn off the mobile.
  2. Press and hold Volume down and Power buttons together.
  3. After vibrating android logo will appear then release the buttons.
  4. Select clear Flash from many options with volume keys and press home to confirm.
  5. Select reboot to restart mobile.
  6. Apply settings to open mobile home screen

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