This week i have install and check these Cydia apps on my iphone. These apps for iOS 6 and iOS 6.1. The following Cydia apps allow to tweak, customize and do much with their iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. Here these apps are mostly for iPhone users and iPod. Jailbreaking is best way to to customize iPhone and iPad as there is less restrictions to use iOS devices.

1. Winterboard 

Winter board is most famous Cydia app to select theme and change iPhone and iPad icons and tweak many graphical features. We can search many themes as own choice and many of them are free to use.

2. Adblocker

Adblocker  is Cydia app that block all useless ads that disturb the user. This app is compatible with Safari browser, Chrome, Firefox.

3. iFile

iFile is best Cydia app to navigate and search files on iOS device. This is explorer to to explore folders and files easily. Any new user can use this app easily.

4. Mywi

Mywi cydia app is for tethering iOs device using usb, Wifi and bluetooth. We can easily share file and photos with other iOS devices.

5. Forecast

Forecast is best option to know weather situation. It provide very cool interface on screen lock.

6. Android Lock 

Android lock for iPhone and iPad cydia app to lock screen like android device. This Cydia app provide exact feature like android smartphones.

7. f.lux

If you use your iPhone or iPad at night time or early morning then f.lux is best Cydia app to control screen heat and brightness. This app control screen brightness automatically and you can restore screen mode normal mode by disable in settings.

8. Nitrous

Safari load pages fast like other browsers but with nitrous Cydia app users on iOS 6 Jailbreak iPhone and iPad can speed up chrome and other built in app like alien blue.

9. BiteSMS

Bitesms Cydia app provide many features like quick reply auto forward and many other features. Bitesms is free Cydia app but we can by premium version to get more features. This Cydia app is good for iPhone 5 jailbreak device.

10. 3G Unrestrictor

3G unrestrictor Cydia app removes the limits apple apply on iOS devices and let us to download large apps and HD movies on 3G and 4G. We can set limit on data plan. This app for iOS 6 Jailbreak iPhone and iPad.

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