We can unlock pattern lock on any android phones with hard reset method. Only hardware keys are used to reset phones to its factory settings. But some mobiles not show recovery mode option with this method then we can reset this phone using flasher. Here i want to share a simple software to reset Qmobile A4 if hard reset method not work for this model.

Name of software is Android Multi Tool.This is a great software that runs on your computer and works with Android devices and allows you to actually perform a variety of functions on Android devices such as:
1. Reset the your devices completely in cases that you are locked out without needing to perform any complicated button combinations.
2. Disables the Various Android locks screens without you loosing your data e.g.The Normal Password screen, Face lock, PIN, pattern lock or gesture lock and more.
3. You can also wipe the data of the device which will result in full access once more.
4. Read Hardware and software info of your device to identify it and what it’s running.
5. Fix issues such as too many pattern attempts.
So long story short if you find yourself locked out of any Android device this great software can help you in regaining access to your device once more which is very cool.
Software can reset all Android phones, tablets, China android support models and so on.

Bypass Android Pattern Lock Using Android Multi Tools

Download Android Multi tools Software and extract on your computer. Run setup following screen will be appear.

Connect your device that you are locked out of to your computer and make sure that the drivers are installed and the device is detected properly.If the device is not detected properly this could prevent the software from working, use option D in the software to find your driver.
Chose any option via keys to do any operation.
Reset Face/PIN Lock: This will not delete your data and disable the face lock feature, works well with Android 4.X.X
Reset Face/Gesture Lock: Will also not affect your phones data, works on the pattern lock and face lock, after the software does its thing the Android device will accept any pattern to unlock. Works with Android 4.X.X and be sure to go into setting after and disable the pattern or gesture lock.
Reset GMail: This should reset your GMail login so as to allow you to login once more after you have attempted your pattern too many times and you are seeing the Too many Pattern attempt warning screen.
Reboot:Reboots the device to normal mode.
Check device on fastboot mode: Check device to see if it’s in Fastboot mode.
Wipe Data/Cache on Fastboot Mode: This will also wipe your data and allow access to your device as option #5 and cache on Fastboot mode to resolve problems such as fixing your device that stuck on Android Boot logo or that’s freezing and slowing down.
Exit fastboot Mode: as the name suggest used for exiting Fastboot mode.
Go to command prompt: Enters DOS prompt for manually entering commands for those who are familiar with DOS.
Software Info, Hardware info are some use full features of this software.

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