Cloudfone ICE 350e Too Many Pattern Attempts! Problem Solution

Pattern lock problem creates if we entered wrong code 8 to 10 time, after wrong entries we cant access mobile functions.We can reset password if Gmail account is created earlier.If Gmail account not set then only solution is to hard reset mobile via key combination.Here we solve pattern lock problem by simple steps.
Note: Before hard reset mobile make sure mobile battery is charged 80 to 90 percent, Also take backup of your important data hard reset will remove every thing on mobile memory like mobile numbers, messages.
Warning! Factory reset will permanently delete all your data and customized settings, 
and will remove any applications you’ve downloaded and installed. Be sure to back up 
any data and files you want to keep before you do a factory reset.

How To Hard Reset Cloudfone ICE 350e Titanium

1.Turn-Off or remove mobile battery and insert after 10 seconds.
2.Hold and Press Volume down and Power Button together)
3.Select “wipe data/factory reset” using volume down,Press Power Button to confirm.
4.Select Yes–Delete all user data.

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