This How-TO guide covers solutions like: How to take screenshot on OPPO A3?  How to Capture screen on OPPO A3? How to record screen on OPPO A3?How to Capture OPPO A3 Screen? How to save OPPO A3 screen as image?

There are different purposes of taking screenshots on mobile phones and tablets. You can capture/take screen to create tutorials for a specif operation. you can save screen as image to keep some information for later use.  These screenshots are captured as image (.jpg, .png) and can be edit, deleted when required.

Please follow the given below steps to take screenshot on OPPO A3:

take screenshot in OPPO A3

STEP NO.1: Reach the screen that you want to capture

STEP  NO.2: Press and Hold Power + Volume Down Button at once.

STEP  NO.3: Shutter down will be produced and screen will be saved.

STEP NO.4: You can find these screenshots in Photos Folder.

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