Nokia 5130c China Copy All Charging, Mic, No Service Hardware Solution

Nokia 5130c china mobile is comes with same shape but different software and hardware components.This mobile has manufactured by china and low quality screen and camera result.Lets try to solve any hardware problem by using diagrams. Nokia 5130c china mobile Battery Connector ways jumper Charging problem solution by diagram help Fake charging or charging not […]

Iphone 5 China Copy Mobile Charging Point ways

China copy mobile has different circuits and software, They looks like orignal mobiles in shape and design but they have different motherboards and components and ic chip.Here is i want to show how to solve charging problem in china mobile iphone 5 by simple jumper.Observe diagram below and apply jumper like diagram.

China Phone Maxx Mx424e Headphone Option Solution

Problem: China Mobile Maxx Mx424e Shows Headphone Option When No Headset Connected. Solution:China mobile mx424e always shows headphone option on screen problem.Try to change handsfree jeck if problem not solved then try this jumper as shown below in diagram.Also check handsfree jeck if there is carbon then clean it with ctc and dry with hot […]

China Mobile Cherry D11 keypad ways Jumpers

Problem Details: cherry mobile D11  keypad Not Working China Cherry Mobile D11+ Keypad ic problem Solution: To solve keypad problem in china cherry d11 china mobile disassemble mobile and wash the motherboard with ctc then apply normal heat.Also clean keypad points under kepad panel.If problem not solved then check keypad ic as mentioned in diagram […]

Keypad Problen in China Mobiles Repairing Guide

China Mobiles Some Keys Not Working Guide  Keypad Problem in China Phones First we need to know china phone keypad connected with PCB how way(A) Direct on PCB(B) Flex System (flex cable direct soldering pcb to keypad panel)(C) Flex and socket system include (flex one side soldering with key panel other side connect to pcb […]

China Mobile Micromax x222 Handsfree Mode Option Solution

Micromax X222 mobile shows handsfree option without headset problem can be solved by changing headset jeck. First clean motherboard and apply normal heat to dry motherboard. If problem not solved then see diagram below and short two points to solve this problem. Micromax x222 Handsfree Mode Ways Micromax x222 Handsfree Option Problem