Samsung:Glaxy Tab P1000 Pin Out Chip IC Manual

Samsung Galaxy Tab 30 Pin Connector Pinout Pin# Signal to/from device 1 Gnd P 2 Gnd P 3 USB_DP_CON I/O 4 USB_DM_CON I/O 5 IF_CON_SENSE I 6 V_ACCESSORY_5.0V P 7 V_BUS_1 P 8 V_BUS_1 P 9 VOUT_CHARGER P 10 VOUT_CHARGER P 11 no connection 12 no connection 13 ACCESSORY_ID / USB_ID I 14 ACCESSORY_INT I […]

Nokia FBUS Pinout Finder Free Download Latest Version

Nokia FBUS cable finder used to finds fbus cable points like RX, TX, and Grount Points on mobile motherboard. In this software a big collection of fbus pinout. Just download file and extract file on pc and search related model. GND – Ground TX – Data send RX – Data receive MBUS – MBUS data exchange protocol Nokia Pin […]